It’s the reason why i can’t seem to move on. I finally managed to at least clear my backlog of psp games on my psp (not like I completed them but I did play them at lease once for a while). Right now I still want to go back and continue playing…maybe I’ll replay

Problem is back then the tech isn’t so good so professional cooling systems probably doesn’t exist…

To quote myself “Right now I still want to go back and continue playing…maybe I’ll replay” ;3

Someone recorded it omg?! You should share it with everyone so everyone knows about how terrible priceless it is. Isn’t it so bromantic XD; I was dying when I first saw the CG but when they started talking I lost it, even after I finished the skit I was still laughing.

It’s technically canon that skit. Since it’s considered a side story that they didn’t add into the main story (you still have to unlock by going through said main story)…it probably won’t make it into the anime sadly.

ufufu this just makes me wanna play it more >.< one day… one day. Hehe I hope you enjoy your “maybe” replay XD

Ahh I thought about it but the person has the video as unlisted so I would feel a little awkward sharing it… sides I found it through their tumblr so <w>;;; They kinda already posted it? This was kind of a while back… if I can find the blog again I’ll try to reblog it! Lol

Oh yeah~ I just mean like… since it was just a dream… it would have been nice if they rly done it— but yeah the whole skit is just dkjsdn I can’t believe LOL it’s everything I’ve ever wanted. Speaking of the anime though, what are your thoughts on it so far???


officer i was not resisting arrest i was just being tsundere


Can you say scenerygasm: Atlantis



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Keroppi Green Tea Macaron ^-^

Vistlip| Jack (フルバージョン)

Talk to me About Hijikata Toshizo


wanted to see how he’d look in my style



Josie and the Pussycats in “Musical Evolution” x

Coolest promo ever created

Real talk though, this is one of the coolest tributes to a classic cartoon with the most interesting animation in it I’ve ever seen, look how wonderful it is.





It is Torres of foreign drama that drew a long time ago.
I like the most Vans & Yugamikonbi.


Getting perfect doesn’t guarantee an S rank. S rank needs you to get ‘Rock’ on 90% of the notes you see… Perfect just means no misses. (the first song I ever S ranked was by accident and it was because of that one that I discovered there’s a rank past A)

The last I contributed to a fandom, said fandom took it for granted. (Also generally the fandom is quite terrible) 

I can’t tell if previously the others also have to same phrase or it’s just him. 

Souchin’s design was heavily inspired by Visual Kei according to the artbook comments so the blue highlight just feels perfect for it. 
The ‘highlight’ could be solid ice for all we know XD

…that I have to answer some other time because I have absolutely no recollection of what happened after his death. It did cause them to turn on the tokugawa government but the rest is nope can’t remember m(_ _)m

ahhh so challenging but it also sounds like so much fun!!! :9

Ah.. I see… :< I’m sorry to hear about that!!! Well BMR fandom still seems rly small so hopefully this will be a better experience! 

ohh yeah I can def see the visual kei vibe XDD kjnd every pro needs a professional cooling system… 

and its cool its cool~ I just wanted to hear about a sad hijizo— I mean

ahh but speaking of which I heard the okama skit! :D and…. I… oh my gosh I’m still trying to get over it all XDD Everyones okama voices are perfect but.. but Hijiko……. is so moe………… I kinda of died when Ryoko started tickling him— her… this is not helping my shippy feelings….. I wish it happened in canon but then again Ryoma and souchin did give Hijizo a smooch so maybe I shouldn’t be so greedy XD;; also Hijiko was so happy she got to dress up in frills… too cute….. I think Cindys okama voice is my fav tho, he sounds like an obahan kjndssjnd

Why is Hijizo so cute… I don’t understand… send help…..


Intersect also holds a special place in my heart cause it’s the only song I managed to perfect on hard orz I haven’t sat down and tried to understand the songs before so I can’t really say I know what they mean (save Kyomeishinka since I played that one a lot and I mean a lot)

Not so much hard as I am more lazy to do anything. I also have this other fandom or two I want to share everywhere but well…being only in Japanese and a game is kinda…

I only noticed they had less clothes on when I saw Perry’s and the only reason why I was looking at those was so I can see what are those giant subs they get. (‘World is Mine’(Perry), ‘Song of Peaceful’(Li), ‘Hyper Friend’(Ryoma) & ‘Big Bang’(The 5)). They flash by too fast in game to even get a look (even fast than the cut in)
I never thought I’d find someone who loves that highlight o.0; I do too a lot so I get sad when pixiv artists didn’t color it in their art (sketches are fine since they’re sketches)

I shall go listen /listens … /i have this feeling … omygod what is this song it sounds so…corny? it’s just- I have no idea it just feels… XD;

I mean usually by then the song is about halfway (aka it reaches chorus) so, wow he must be really good to stay cool during shout level 4

skjdnf these hard mood S ranks are starting to sound impossible lmao… but yeah for me I’m much better at listening to Japanesethen reading it so idk I get attached to certain songs easily XD;;;

ohh hahaI know what you mean tho for a while I was in a Nintama Rantaro phase and wanted to translate so much stuff but… too lazy and too time consuming kjnsd

world is mine tho… perry the vocaloid?! but omg Hyper Friend LMAO thats so cute. Yeah!! Idk without the blue highlight his hair feels empty haha. 

LOL yeah!!! It’s so strange but I’m always happy to hear more songs <w>;;;; lol maybe his blue highlight keeps him cool…. Ah also I’m curious what was Hijizos reaction like to Kondos death..? I see screenshots of it but I don’t rly know what else is happening haha (besides HOW he died like you said before)